Tokai Rika Create Corporation (TORICA) is a unique, development proposal-type fabless company, supplying reliable products meeting a range of needs, such as electrical equipment & parts, raw materials, construction & agricultural vehicles devices, consumer appliances, and more.

Electrical Equipments & Parts

[ We will expand from electronic products into hybrid fields ]

We carry out the procurement and sales of auto related parts such as connectors, relays, remote engine starters, and have also moved into railroad car interior parts and nursing care products. We also supply a wide range of products for various industries, including the sales of mechanical equipment such as imaging testers.

  • Connectors

    Details of connector range

  • Spring sliders

  • Ring gear imaging testers

  • Electric actuators for train seats

  • Wooden tables for train seats

  • Trays

  • 3D decal films

  • Piston rings

Product Range
  • ● Automotive supplies: Engine metal, Vehicle relays, Functional parts, Antitheft devices, Security indicators, Connectors, Harnesses
  • ● Automobile repair parts: Piston rings, Switches etc.
  • ● Materials for auto parts: 3D decal film
  • ● Train parts: Wooden tables for train seats, Electric actuators
  • ● Mechanical equipment: Imaging testers, IC mounting devices, Die-casters, Spring sliders, Washers, Various jigs and tools, etc.
  • ● Others: Wood parts, Secondary materials for industry, Secondary materials for service industry